COB-WEB INDUSTRIAL CORP was established in Taipei in 1984. CW is the global aftermarket manufacturer for automatic transmission filters / strainers and filter kits. COB-WEB has been dedicated to developing automatic transmission filters / oil strainers / hydraulic filters over 35 years. CW offers various automatic transmission filters / strainers and gaskets.



COB-WEB owns over 400 different kinds of molds to meet customer’s demands. CW supplies automatic transmission filters / oil strainers / hydraulic filters include a kind of plastic, metal and composite filters.

Quality is always our priority. CW uses qualified filtration media which is equivalent to OE standard. For the quality certification, COB-WEB has passed ISO-9001 since 1997, and is certificated by QS-9000 since 2002.


           Our engineers use coordinate measuring machine of HELMEL and Inventor 3D CAD system for product and tooling development. The professional

           machines for steel stamping and plastic injection are allocated in our own manufacturing sites. These special equipment and machine ensure quality